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'It' don't mean a thing, if 'it' ain't got that neuralgia

Last night I tested my new hairdo on a crowd of emo kids, and overall I would have to say that the new style is a hit with the younger set. I would have fit in more perfectly with the crowd had I straightened my hair a bit and used some manic panic, but I was/am about 10 years older than most people there so cut me some slack.

That’s right, I still got it!

Whatever ‘it’ is.

Anywho, Bright Eyes were great, but the sound left much to be desired. The amps crapped out, Conor Oberst lost hearing in his right ear, and the microphones worked sporadically. Nevertheless, the music was great and the people watching was even better. It’s comforting to know that there are still some teenagers out there who are attempting to rebel against the Christina Aguileras and Britney Spears of the world. And it sort of cracks me up that once again, the Chuck Taylor is the ‘it’ shoe. Why couldn’t these kids have been hip to the shoe BEFORE Converse transferred all manufacturing to China? If these kids had been more fashion forward a few years ago, Chuck Taylors would still be made in the good old US of A. Oh well, at least the shoes are still in production.

Celebrity sighting: Felicity in an all-jeans outfit.

I got home really late afterwards, and was a wreck at my printmaking class. I had to leave early because I was exhausted and feeling ill from lack of sleep. Then I came home to 3 messages from a client, and had to forego a nap in favor of work. This is where my teenage fantasy came to a crashing halt. I had to use my grownup voice to talk to clients, and my grownup typing skills to pen a few emails.

How quickly ‘it’ disappears!

5:52 p.m. - 2002-10-11



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