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Quick check-in from SF

I am at my friend Douglas' apartment in San Francisco, and it's making me miss the city. His place is above the Orbit Room, so when we're done eating and watching the World Series, we're going to head down for a drink.

The weather has been perfect this weekend, bright and sunny but not too warm. I've seen a ton of great friends, eaten lots of good food, and generally asked myself why I'm not living here.

Then I go back to my parents' house to the reality that is my family's insanity and then it strikes me: oh yeah, this is why I don't live here anymore. I swear to God, they are becoming more and more like Frank and Estelle Costanza, George (from Seinfeld)'s parents. Ugh. Good thing I packed Valium.

We leave tomorrow and while it will be good to be back in my own place, I will miss this little vacation (which, actually was the opposite of relaxing, but that I will leave for another longer entry.)

7:33 p.m. - 2002-10-20



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