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Root, root root for the home team!

Iíve been searching high and low for a recent photo of me for the Diaryland trading card, but I have had no such luck. Thereís a photo of me from May, where Iím hugging Babe the Pig (taken at Universal Studios) but my hair is not really like that anymore. And furthermore, and more importantly, one of my arms in that picture looks hideously giant and larded out. I guess yoga canít do much for the unflattering angle. Although I do look kinda cute in that one. And so does Babe. Maybe I will crop it and use it.

Friday I had my printmaking class, and I actually printed. I know, I was shocked too! Not only did I print, but I double bumped one of the colors because it had too much transparent base in it, and it looked too sheer over the olive green. The assignment is to use 4 colors, so next week Iíll print the last two (light yellow, and gray) and start the new project. The teacher is still as wasted, tired and burnt out as usual, but Iím managing to learn in spite of him. Yay for learning a new medium!

Today I got the remainding $500 from the dumb publishers. Now all they owe me is $200 (from a different job) My god, I cannot wait to be rid of those fools.

In fun happy acquisition, I am the proud owner of 2 gift certificates to Fred Segal on Melrose, as well as 2 gift certificates to Sephora. The certificates belong to a friend. Sheís had them forever and claims she will never use them because she is not fashion or beauty product obsessed. And I most certainly am. She gave them to me as a sort of retainer for my services, since sheíd like me to design her a logo. I am really making the most of this bartering thing. Though I could really use the cash, some foofy anti-wrinkle cream, eye cream, makeup, perfume, bubble bath or nail polish might be nice. I am open to suggestions if any of you out there would like to recommend a product that is to die for. Iím all ears and for the moment, money is no object. How I love to utter that phrase!

Terence got a call from a recruiter the other day. Itís for a job in New Jersey, but commute distance from Manhattan. Iíll take Manhattan over Seoul any day.

People have been asking us what we're doing for Halloween and they look so surprised when we say "nothing." So now Terence has taken to saying this: "You know, I don't need a special holiday to dress like a woman. I can do it whenever I want." Myself, I prefer the fancy dress balls, or even themed parties to October 31st.

Ok, I canít take it anymore I have to go be a Giants fan for a few innings...

7:08 p.m. - 2002-10-26



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