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Let me echo a diaryland sentiment that has been repeated for the last 5 days: I hate daylight savings time!

It wreaks havoc with my circadian rhythms, I canít sleep, I canít stay awake, itís just a bloody nuisance changing all of the clocks in the house. Let me just be OUT about my dislike for this twice yearly annoyance.

Iím here, Iím tired, and Iím not used to it!

Today I finished printing my second series. Theyíre merely ok, and hereís why: there was a bunch of weird shit in the emulsion so as a result my prints all look like asphalt. There isnít a single area of my prints with a solid coat of ink. Everything looks like itís been strangely mezzotinted. Iím just looking forward to using the power washer again to get rid of all the little spots, leftover ink and stupid block out goo. Of course, the teacher was MIA for most of the class, as were most of the students. Ahhh, community college.

One girl in the class showed up two hours late and still in costume. I think. Her eyebrows were plucked to within a hairline of their lives (and the brows started mid eye so it looked very odd, like two little horizontal parenthesis, ) she wore a pink long sleeve t-shirt underneath a cream-colored sleeveless ruched one, and she had white and silver extra long, acrylic talons with jewels on them. Since this girl is just out of high school, and seems completely clueless in class, I figured it was probably a good idea that I didnít ask her if she was white trash for Halloween. And she hardly seems like the ironic type.

Another girl, this one tiny and Latina, Iíve nickamed Kewpie. She never gets anything done in class. She spends the entire time talking to these japanese kids, and doodling in her sketchbook. Today she was telling someone about having bruises from last nightís Dashboard Confessional show. ďIt was really too violent,Ē she lamented. Theyíre like the emo-ist emo band! Maybe her shoe-gazing got out of control and she fell down?

One of the Pocket Homies game me some Halloween candy. My new best friend is named Miguel.

The studio space that I checked out yesterday was ok. The guy acted like all he had left to do was put in lights and seal the concrete floor, but I think it needs more. For one, there are no windows, ergo no natural light. I could open the garage doors to get light and fresh air, but then I would have no privacy. Iím torn because itís the first smallish (300 sq. ft) studio Iíve seen in my own neighborhood, and I know itís going to go fast. I could paint one wall, or at least put up a bunch of white paper to brighten it up, but I donít know how to get around the ventilation/privacy thing. Terence, ever the bricoleur, suggested we build a sliding wall with translucent , movable panels that I could just drag across the garage door opening when it was open. I donít know, Iíve got to think about it. That seems like a lot of work for a space I may not inhabit very long.

The other thing is thereís a vacant apartment in the building itself and itís a huge 2 BR. Iím going to see if I can look at it tomorrow. Iím not really in the market for a new apartment, but the landlord said heíd charge us the same rent weíre paying now (for a 1 BR) if we also take the garage/studio space. Itís really tempting. The idea of that much space is very seductive, but then again, I havenít seen the place. Maybe itís a dump?

The funny part is, the minute I met the landlord, I knew the space was mine if I wanted it. I just got a feeling from the guy, so now I just have to see the apartment to make a decision.

I am very excited because tonight, I am making risotto and Terence is going to hang a new little IKEA cabinet in the bathroom. Iím going to finish a compilation cd for a friend, and maybe make dessert. I am also looking forward to recipe research since I just got my formal invitation to this yearís potluck Thanksgiving. Shall I make vegetarian stuffing? Mashed potatoes and parsnips? Ooooooh, maybe Iíll make Nigellaís pumpkin, radicchio and feta salad! I am getting way too excited about food. And this means I should start the risotto cause Iím starving.

7:03 p.m. - 2002-11-01



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