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On a roll...

Multiple entries in one day can only mean one thing: 4 oíclock espresso!

Thatís right. Todayís loquacity is brought to you by Peetís Top Blend, with one sugar cube in an adorable brown demitasse that reminds me of Trieste in North Beach.

So, the point of this second entry is to better recap the recent goings on over here, behind Canterís Deli, in Los Angeles, California.

I voted and got a sticker to prove it. I had to go to the lounge at the Shalom Retirement Hotel and make nice with the old folks.

I also went to a matinťe of Secretary at the theater around the corner. $5.50 is my new favorite movie price. My second most favorite movie price is the $7 student price at Laemmleís (and all I have to do is flash my dopey Santa Monica College student id!) The music in Secretary was really good. When I was watching the credits at the end, I noticed that Oranger had a song someplace in the film but I donít remember hearing it. I do remember Angelo Badalamentiís score, and I think Iím going to have to own the soundrack. I love him! I also liked the movie. It was pretty to look at, the costuming was good, the lawyerís offices were very Chinese Opium Den and seductive. It was way more satisfying than the last picture I saw, AutoFocus. Oy, was that a disappointment. The acting was fine, and the art direction was cool (especially the way the colors and film grain changed as the protagonist became more and more depraved) but ultimately the film left me feeling like Iíd never get those two hours back.

Last night I went to Largo to see some comedy. Itís funny seeing comedy, actually. And not just because you laugh. Ha. You see, back in the late 80s comedy was all the rage, and I used to go all the time in SF. I worked at a video store in the Inner Sunset (what am I saying? THE video store in the Inner Sunset) and made friends with some comedians from the neighborhood so I was always on the list at The Other Cafe, The Holy City Zoo, and other places. That was pretty cool because back then I was making $750 a month, paying $267.66 for a room in a little apartment in the Mission, living more hand-to-mouth than today. Anyway, point is: I was a comedy regular, and then the big Comedy bubble burst, a local pro-comedy dj got canned, and the whole scene just sort of fizzled. And I stopped going to comedy shows.

Anyway, last night there were different comedians, a tap dance duo, a non-religious gospel group fronted by Paul F. Tompkins who is very funny, and a singer named Colin Hay, who turned out to be the guy from Men At Work. I always thought they were an Australian band, and maybe they were, but Colin Hay was most definitely Scottish. And he had the gorrrrgeous accent to prewwwwwve it. His singing and guitar strumming blew me away. I will never make fun of Men At Work again. The guy was a terrific musician with a formidable voice, and witty banter to boot.

Iím now crashing post-coffee. Time for a bath.

4:28 p.m. - 2002-11-05



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