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The end of the Age of Innocence

Reality bites when youíre a convicted klepto, my friends.

Winona Ryder was found guilty of felony grand theft and vandalism. Do you realize that even as she was trying to make off with more than $5,000ís worth of stolen merchandise, she had charged over $3,000 on clothes that very same day! Did she just not want to spend $8,000 at Saks? Did that seem excessive for some reason? Or was it that she was high on OxyContin or some other prescription drug and had no idea what she was doing? Either way, the girl needs help. Her posing on the cover of W in a Free Winona t-shirt did nothing to advance her innocence, and her cute-but-sober court outfits were for naught.

I donít think sheíll do any sort of time. They canít send that wisp of a girl to the clink, she wonít last a minute! Sheíll probably have to go to counseling, do some community service (or have her assistant do it for her) and pay the store back for the damaged goods. Itís so sad. Even npr was making fun of her, asking one of the courtroom reporters if any of the clothes she wore to court had giant holes in them (from where the sensors had been cut off.)

If this was an attempt to alter her squeaky clean image, she could have just saved herself the trouble. There have been rumors floating about for years that sheís a man-eater and likes cocaine, and she could have just let those rumors continue on their tabloid path to extinction. Instead, sheís now an Entertainment Tonight featurette and I canít think of anything worse than being subjected to Mary Hart or Bob Goinís faux empathetic platitudes.

Just another Hollywood anecdote.

3:14 p.m. - 2002-11-07



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