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A spider from Mars, probably

I am completely freaked out and hyperventilating. Terence made me sit down.

He just discovered holes in his sweaters. He even had to throw a whole sweater in the garbage, it was like Swiss cheese. Now the tub is filled with sweaters and Woolite and we’ve added a new item to today’s list: get mothballs. If any of those creatures touches my coats or cashmere, I am going to lose it.

But the reason I am typing and not helping with the wool bug eradication project is that just as I was going through my closet, a giant spider crawled off of some of my pants and onto my arm. It was bigger than a quarter, and I could feel it climbing even as I was screaming and violently trying to shake it off. Aahhhhhhhh! It fell with a thud onto the floor, and Terence corraled it with a glass.

The spider has been taken outside and hopefully will live happily in the plant world rather than in my closet. I can still feel things crawling on me! God this is so freaky and wrong! And to make matters more humiliating, I did the total screamy scream, all girly style with the jumping up + down and the flapping of the hands. Thank god there was only one witness to this pathetic performance.

Terence just brought me a glass of water.

12:38 p.m. - 2002-11-12



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