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The brush, the panties, and the bathroom

I failed to mention this last time, but I bought a Mason Pearson pocket-sized hairbrush for $1. Normally, they cost $40, but I found mine NIB at a thrift store right around the corner. Of course, it freaked me out a little bit--can scabies live in a hairbrush the way they do on clothing?--so I did some research online, then cleaned the brush according to Mason Pearson directions. Seems to be fine. And my head doesnít itch or feel any stranger than it usually does.

Iíve had more than a few friends get a bad case of scabies from thrift store clothing, so buyer beware. Always make sure the clothing is clean, or clean it yourself before you wear it. A few months ago, I was shopping with a friend at a thrift store here, and I had a mini germaphobic panic attack while I was trying on dresses, and a salesperson overheard my lament and came to my rescue when I exited the dressing room. She assured me that all the clothes were dry-cleaned before theyíre put out on the racks, and that sheíd never heard of anyone getting a skin disease from their merchandise. I still didnít take any chances. As soon as I got home, I dunked my skirt in boiling hot Woolite.

I actually use a lot of Woolite for a little person. As you know, after the moth infestation, I had to wash every single sweater, scarf and hat. I handwash my underthings at least twice a week, and every day or every other day, the sink is full to brimming with suds and my yoga clothes. When I used to dance, the bathroom and laundry room were veritable souks with tights and leotards and leg warmers and bras hanging on every surface. Itís kind of a drag that I donít have a separate room for the washing, because everytime someone comes over, I have to run into the bathroom and do a check: if there are panties and bras everywhere, I have to gather all of that damp stuff up and stash it in the bedroom. It really depends on whoís coming over. If itís a good friend, I donít care if they see my knickers. If itís someone I donít know too well, I must abscond.

If it were my newly former friend Tony, I would just leave everything hanging. He, freakishly, never uses the bathroom in other peoplesí homes. In Paris, when he visited, he had to use the bathroom (to take a shower and what-not,) and Terence and I would leave the apartment to give him more privacy. He is so uncomfortable in his own skin that we thought we should try to give him a little space. Anyway, in the United States, in the ten years Iíve known him, I think heís used a bathroom of mine just once or twice. It got to the point where I started noticing that he never used public restrooms either, and we would spend entire days together, eating and drinking, and he would never have to pee. It became sort of fascinating, and I mentioned it to another friend, who immediately started teasing Tony about it. ďLetís see, youíve had two Cokes today, a giant glass of iced tea, a beer and now some water. Iím thinking you have to pee. Donít you have to pee? How do you do it? Do you have a mega bladder?Ē Tony laughed uncomfortably, but he knew heíd been caught. I donít know about you, but thatís ODD in a Howard Hughesian way.

How did I get on this topic? Oh yeah, Woolite and things hanging in the bathroom. I was hoping to put an end to the sink always being full of stuff by having a washer/dryer combo delivered yesterday, but they were not delivered. Shit, the stackables are not even in the warehouse, so they rainchecked me til tomorrow. Annoying especially since Iíve got a laundry bag full of stuff and I donít want to go to the laundromat, even if the place is called The Launderette and makes me think of Daniel Day Lewis.

8:49 a.m. - 2002-11-20



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