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Me first

Last week was one of the worst weeks in recent memory.

First, Terence came down with the flu. Then, my friend came to visit without an agenda or a demonstration of initiative. Wednesday, I had to get up earlier than humanly conceivable for a battery of annoying health tests. Later, my other friend needed help with her grad show, so Sick Terence and I went to Pasadena to assist in constructing the ďbooth.Ē Friday I had a final and Terence found out heís not going to Korea. Saturday, we went back to Pasadena for a graduation and a lunch afterwards. Sunday, I had book club.

Little to no grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, tidying, dishes, yoga, reading and work was done that entire time.

To add insult to injury, I was cranky and crampy and bloaty and impatient.

In my usual bipolar, reactive manner, today became the Day of Errands. I returned videos and library books, went to Hilaryís to make sure her straightening iron had been turned off, bought organic produce at the market, stopped at Trader Joeís for other supplies, deposited a check, went to Santa Monica College to expose the screen that will eventually become my holiday card, got drenched in a downpour and spent the rest of the afternoon walking around in squishy water-logged shoes, ate a gigantic bowl of ramen, browsed at Giant Robot, crashed at Peetís for coffee, then home again home again, wee wee wee.

My shoes are now stuffed with newspaper to absorb the excess water. I am drinking tea and starting to feel like my normal self. One client sent me the rest of a manuscript so I can begin work tomorrow, and Wednesday, I have a meeting with another client for another little assignment. Things are looking up.

My mother keeps calling me, asking about my Christmas list. I donít know what I want. Well, thatís not exactly true. I know what I want, but she canít afford to get it for me (and anyway, I would never ask. Sheís retired and I donít want her spending insane amounts of money. Of course, Terence has already informed me that sheís apt to spend a ton anyway because thatís what she likes to do and I canít stop her, so I should just tell her what I want and give her options and not worry about it. My god, Iím lucky to have such a sound mind nearby.) But sheís not going to get the list with the Louis Vuitton watch, the Pucci scarf and the Jasper Morrison sake set on it. I think Iíll just email her a list of Amazon links.

It was difficult having Terence gone for an entire week, then having a visitor for nearly a week. He and I barely had time to get reacquainted when he got back. We didnít have sex for almost two weeks! An eternity! Plus he was sick, and bedtime was no fun with his coughing and hacking and nose blowing. Heís feeling better, we had sex, and now Iím feeling better, and thatís really all that counts.

6:12 p.m. - 2002-12-16



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