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Coeur inapaisé

I woke up this morning having dreamt something truly delicious.

I dreamt about my fake boyfriend, Bertrand Burgalat.

In the first part of the dream, we had a printmaking class together, and he was creating these 60’s-inspired torn paper collages with lots of color. He asked me to help him because I was the only other person who spoke French. So we’re working away, and class is almost over, and our collaboration is going swimmingly, when he leans in across the table, looks me in the eye and asks if I’d like to go to a movie sometime.

“Oui” I said in my breathiest, Frenchiest French.

I rode my scooter home with a giant grin on my face. It was unreal. I could feel the wind in my hair (this is how I know it was a dream: I wasn’t wearing a helmet.)

So anyway, later on in the dream (could be a day or two, maybe a week... the time never seems to check out when I wake up...) Bertrand comes by my place to pick me up, and he looks devilishly* handsome with his Playmobile haircut, natty Nouvelle Vague outfit and sand-colored Clark’s desert boots. The only thing I remember about my own outfit is that I had on a camel colored belted coat very similar to the one in Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2003 collection (as worn by Shalom Harlow.) We hop in Bertrand’s little décapotable, and speed off to some theater. We’re getting really cozy as the lights dim, and as the screen starts to light up, I begin recognizing the title design. It’s his printmaking/collage experiment come to life! There’s type and color and movements and layering and the soundtrack is lovely because of course, he composed it. I am swooning like a complete ninny as he wraps his arm around me, and I swear I felt so giddy and girlish in my dream, I was CRAZY REAL I tell you. Even as I type this, I am getting goosebumps and wishing I was back in my dream. He nuzzled my neck! And gave me little bisous that sent shivers down my spine!

It was all so chaste and lovely. A true, blue dreamy dream.

I know that the dream was caused by the mix cd that I’m making. At first, the cd was going to feature my usual favorites (Bertrand, April March, Beck, The Aislers Set, blahblahblah) but last night as I was juxtaposing songs, it occurred to me that I might want to make the compilation entirely French. A Gallic Fantasia, if you will. So far, the music conjures soft, gray sky Parisian afternoons and it makes me want to cuddle and drink a nearly-thick-as-pudding chocolat chaud from Les Deux Magots.

* I’m borrowing this adverb from Gentry.

5:58 p.m. - 2002-12-20



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