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Cookie crumbs

I decided last night that the sloth must come to an end.

Iíve been going to bed at random hours and waking up whenever my body decides to. Feels great but I donít get as much accomplished during daylight hours as Iíd like to. And Iím a morning person who canít get jack done after the hour of 3 in the afternoon.

So from today on, I am going to be setting my alarm and getting up at a regular time. Today it was 7:30 and I think Iím going to stick with that for a while. I feel fine so far. I had a cappuccino, read some email, took a yoga class at 9, grocery shopped afterwards, came home and am now having tea, eating toast, and readying myself for the rest of the dayís tasks.

First on the list is take a shower since Iím still in my yoga clothes and Iím having that not so fresh feeling.

Then thereís research grad schools and assess what I need to add to my portfolio to make it super kick-ass; help Terence with some design stuff; work a bit more on Mr Bingoís book project; organize my finances for the sales tax return thatís due at the end of the month; collect scraps and things for my valentines; put an electronic sample sheet together for future job prospects.

Looks like My Pimp is busy calling my references now. I realize that this is a good sign, but Iím totally irritated. Some guy whom Iíve never met is calling to get information on me, for a job that will probably end up being pretty lame. Is it wrong for me to distrust the creative recruiting agency because they had bad carpeting and cheap furniture? And the client theyíd like me work for also had bad carpeting and cheesy art on the walls? I cannot control the effect these first impressions have on me; they give me a bad feeling in my stomach. Terence has accused me of snobbery, and it wouldnít be the first time.

Guilty as charged.

Ok, time for some soap and water before my sweat just crystallizes.

12:13 p.m. - 2003-01-22



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