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Friday I worked at the yoga school for a couple of hours. Itís been a while since Iíve had to man the desk, and honestly, it was pretty fun. There was even some completely clueless woman who made my life temporarily miserable for about half an hour and that didnít ruin my day.

You know why?

Because the whole time I knew that at 2 oíclock, I would be treated to lunch and a movie!

Thatís right, on Friday afternoon, The Rock Star took me and Terence out for Mexican food in Silverlake, then we saw Chicago at the ArcLight (the superfancy theater.) Iíve designed her logo and flyers, and Terence has been working on her stage lighting, and she wanted to thank us for all of our help. It was so sweet to be rewarded that way. I do love cash, but Iím a sucker for presents.

The food was yummy, and I loved the movie. Really. I did. I love musicals. I am so gay.

I was impressed with Richard Gereís performance, and I have renewed respect for Catherine Zeta-Jones who is a triple threat: a good singer, a good dancer and a good actress. Renťe Zellweger was fine, but you know? I canít get over the fact that sheís a lollipop: a big round chubbycheek face on a stick body. That girl is too, too skinny and I got sort of sad watching her bony ass dancing around. Somebody give that girl a cheeseburger! Quick!

Now, I know she got all fucked up in the head from the whole Bridget-Jones-fat-girl-not-going-on-the-cover-of-Bazaar-magazine-but-what-is-this?-Vogue-is-going-to-swoop-in-and-do-a-whole-publicity-stunt-Pygmalion-act-on-this-little-actress-and-exacerbate-her-body-image-issues-to-sell-more-magazines affair. Enough already. She just looks unhealthy and furthermore, skeletal cleavage is disturbing.

A. Ny. Way.

Not much of import is happening over here. I am not only contemplating going back to school but also applying for full-time jobs here, in the Bay Area, and in New York. I have been asked by my parents to housesit for them while they go to France and Sicily for a few months. It would be nice to live rent-free and put a tourniquet on the financial hemorrhage, but would I be better off? Ugh. Iíve been deliberately not thinking about this because I donít want to, but now I must because Iíd like to give them an answer this week (so they can make alternative plans if I decide not to do it.)

It is ridiculously hot here. 77 degrees. Global warming anyone?

4:29 p.m. - 2003-01-27



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