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short transmission fueled by Filipino beer

I was laughing about how in that last entry I was freaking out about becoming New Age-y.

That is so NEVER going to happen! I am way too French, way too skeptical for any of that shit.

And the whole thing reminded me of the latest email volley between myself and Mr Bingo.

He is taking yoga classes in SF, and we are always comparing notes. He has been complaining lately about the Omís and the call-and-response mantra that his teacher makes him do before class. Since heís studying with an Anusara teacher, I know that heís learning the same mantra that I chant practically every day, so I emailed him the chant (transcribed by me into some ridiculous sanskrit/english hybrid.)

Mr Bingo was also railing against the Namaste.

Namaste is what is said at the end of class; itís a traditional Indian form of salutation. It means ďI honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells.Ē Itís a greeting as well as a gesture. Itís a way for the teacher to honor the students, and for the students to honor the teacher. Itís actually a very beautiful thing when you think about it, and itís a nice way to end your yoga practice.

Anyway, in our email volley we were bemoaning the lack of funds in our lives, and I was talking about putting together pdfs and other electronic versions of my work, in an attempt to get the work ball rolling... and hereís what is cracking me up:

Mr Bingo: Why are you putting together e-samples? For what e-reason?

Me: e-job! I need an e-job! So I can have e-money for e-couture!

Mr Bingo: Hmmm, e-couture. E-fashion? E-normous clothing? Yeah, I would like a virtual, e-job as well, but I prefer real money... Could use some right now to pay the f***ing rent.

Me: I hear your rent lament! I still have not received an e-reply from those e-tarded publishers regarding my unpaid invoice... maybe they are e-fraid of little old me and my litigious e-vil twin?

Mr Bingo (in very large type): I honour that place in you where Evil towards unpaying clients resides. And when I am in that place in me and you are in that place in you, there is one rent to pay.

Oh my god, Iím pretty sure this is funny as hell, and itís not just because I am drinking an unladylike San Miguel beer.

7:01 p.m. - 2003-01-30



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