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A heartbreaking list of staggering nonsense

A few things that aren’t related but that I wanted to post for posterity:

1. Fat punk rock girls bum me out. It’s like they’re not angry enough. When you’re angry, you don’t eat. I saw some on Sunday and they bummed me out. It was just a fashion statement and it pissed me off because there was so little thought or research or conviction in their ripped fishnets and plaid mini-skirts. Kids these days...

2. Michael Chabon is writing the screenplay to his book, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. Word on the street in Hollywood is that the screenplay is better than the book. I don’t know how this is possible, but this is what “they” are saying. In my book club we discussed casting choices (this is what happens at the end of the book discussion when you live in Los Angeles and when 50% of the book club members work for entertainment companies.) We picked Adrien Brody to be Joe Kavalier.

3. I may play keyboards in a band. Somehow my mentioning that I knew what a Moog was led to me to state that I love keyboards and organs which led me to say “sure, I mean, if you could train a monkey to play the keyboards on a few songs, surely I could be trained!” So The Rock Star is going to start looking for a used keyboard for me to practice on at home, and then later I can go to her place and practice with her. Nutty.

4. I saw Tommy Guerrero at the little flea market in my neighborhood on Sunday. I don’t think I’ve seen that guy in ages, and he looked exactly as he did as a teenager except with facial hair. It was a trip. I guess he’s a musician/dj now. Anyway, later sitting at a café with some friends, I mentioned it as part of a story about how San Francisco is a small city and how if you grow up there, you end up knowing a ton of different people because a lot of the disparate scenes hang out together (in my case: skaters, mods and scooter kids in the mid-to-late 80s) and this English guy we were with says, “Oh my god! You know him? He was the greatest skater! In England, I would buy all the Bones Brigades videos and try to copy him but we had no hills in London and he was like, made of rubber!” I had no idea that back in the day, people in England were trying to copy San Francisco street skating style. It was funny. The English guy was so excited that I felt a confessional rush come on and revealed that I'd grown up with a famous skater (he lived across the street,) dated a sponsored one who lived with T.G., had a crush on Barry McGee when he rode a fucked-up Lambretta and was studying at City College (the guy was soooo shy,) and probably attended a zillion parties where all of these famous people were in attendance.

I just woke up from a 2 hour nap and feel woozy.

5:46 p.m. - 2003-02-17



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