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Riding high

I listen to the PuzzleMaster on Sunday mornings on npr, and I’ve solved next week’s brain teaser!

Here’s the clue: think of a 5-letter word, with the consecutive letters AL. Change the AL to an O, and the result is a 4-letter word that means the opposite of the first one. What words are these?

Figure it out yet?

* Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out the answer.

I had my meeting today with the publishers about the book covers, and they loveloveloved them. I am not used to people being so effusive about my work, so the Art Director shouting a big “Woohoo!” as I was leaving came as a bit of a shock. I’ve got to crank out some revisions by tomorrow, and some of those will involved a trip to a notions/fabric store. But other than that, the job’s in the bag. Of course, as I was driving away, thinking about their reaction, this is what I thought:

"That was too easy. They must have low standards, or work with sub-par designers."


Then I received an email with yet more praise from The Rock Star whose flyers I’ve been designing. Apparently a bunch of Important People have said complimentary things, and she forwarded them along. I got a “very cool art” from a famous music video/film director, and an “I love your flyer, man” from an important stylist to the stars.

I’m feeling the flattery... and how!

Now I’ve got to ratchet down the ego and get cracking on this other, new project. God, I hope this work translates into more work. I am bored with my current brokitude, and would love to catch up to my bills and mitigate my seemingly insatiable lust for things and whatnot. I can barely afford the cheapie Marc Jacobs stuff--that’s the level of ignominy that I’ve sunk to. I know, I know, stop dabbing your eyes over my abject misery, it’s like a fucking Dickens novel over here.

Jesus, is it about to rain? The sky just went superdark and gray.

* Here’s the answer to the puzzle: VALID and VOID. I'm pretty sure this is correct. At least, it makes sense to me. I'll have to wait til Sunday to see if Will Shortz confirms it.

3:39 p.m. - 2003-02-24



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