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Short but...

Two projects down, two to go.

The t-shirt design has been approved and Iím waiting to see when they want me to send the final files. The logo I designed for my friendís new business is also approved, and will one day soon grace her website. I havenít heard from the book cover people, and Iím stalled on another booklet assignment.

Iím pretty busy right now and itís a little strange but good.

Iím celebrating this good fortune with a small splurge: Iím going to see The Aislers Set on Saturday night, and I intend to buy not only their new cd, but also one of their newly designed t-shirts which are supercute. Then Monday night, Sondre Lerche is playing a free instore at Amoeba. Thatís not really a splurge, but itís something to look forward to.

I held a handstand for a really long time last night at yoga. It was exhilirating. I had so much energy after that, it was like I was high. Even the teacher remarked on the energy radiating from my mat. I was probably glowing. I made an ass of myself, and did a little triumphant handstand jig when I finally came back down to earth. It was awesome.

I just got back from the drugstore and have some new body wash that needs to be subjected to immediate testing.

More later.

1:01 p.m. - 2003-03-05



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