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I'd like to kiss you but I just washed my hair

You know what I love? Ponds Cold Cream.

The stuff is an old lady staple, it’s cheap, and nothing removes makeup faster than this goop. And it’s cold! Just like the name says! Sure it’s greasy, but how else are you going to break down waterproof mascara? Or a super stainy lip stain? As long as you use a decent cleanser afterwards, there’s nothing to worry about. I know people who swear by Erno Laszlo and other hoity toity brands, but I don’t turn my nose up at a bargain that works. And remember, I’m a snob and I like the fancy stuff as much as the next brand-aware missy.

Other bargains that work:

1. Preparation H as an eye depuffer--just don’t get it in your eye

2. Lava soap as a body scrub--a little drying but not bad

3. FedEx plastic labels for delinting yourself

It’s Saturday. I had a great yoga class then came home and showered and did some handwash. I smell great (if I do say so myself) because I used my Leonor Greyl masque à l’orchidée, and my hair is delightfully scented and bouncy. Leonor Greyl products are definitely not bargains. This hair masque was a gift from my parents (I asked them to get it for me when they were in France last, and my mother loves any excuse to go the grands magasins.) I use the masque every now and then when I need a luxury pick-me-up.

Did I mention that the other day I had a coffee with friends, and sitting across from me was Gary Oldman? He has a shaggy do, and was wearing little glasses, looking very Bohemian and cool. Of course when I mentioned it to my companions, they said, “Gary Coleman? That kid from “Diff’rent Strokes”? Isn’t he on some other show now?” No! No! And no! These are the kinds of celebutards I hang out with, and yes, one of them is Terence. The only celebrities he’s ever recognized were

a) some guy he claims was CarrotTop (it totally wasn’t.)

b) the actor who plays Toby on “The West Wing”

c) Kevin Spacey

d) Vincent Gallo, but only after Harriet and I surreptitiously pointed him out. Terence gave us a look and said, “I just thought he was some creepy guy in metallic cowboy boots.”

So there you have it.

5:49 p.m. - 2003-03-08



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