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Turning over a gray leaf

In a store the other day, I saw a completely LA chick (uber-tanned, straight blonde hair tousled just so, shiny JLo sunglasses, glossy pink lips, round pneumatic globes for a poitrine) with *this* tattooed on the back of her neck:


Yes, it was the logo. Not only that, it was the logo surrounded by a rectangle, the edges of which were dashed lines to indicate the periphery of the label.

Thatís what I call brand loyalty.

As a Taurus, I am naturally predisposed to being super loyal. About everything: food, clothes, people, beauty products, books, music, films, designers... You name it and I either love it or hate it. Un point, cíest tout.

Itís a tendency that Iím trying to monitor right now, this need to polarize. I feel like I spend altogether too much time in black and white, seeing things and the world as either right or wrong. Reality is all shades of gray and Iím in a mood to appreciate some of the nuances.

But itís fucking hard when either by nature or nurture, youíve become the kind of person who needs to be on a side of some kind. I am always rejecting teams and allegiances, so isnít it kind of hypocritical for me to be the sort of person who belongs to one camp or another?

We at rue-madame are now rejecting sides of all kinds. We are going to become Switzerland!

I am only kidding of course. There is no way that I could completely cease and desist making snarky comments, capping on people, and engaging in the kind of wordplay that some might call catty but which I prefer to name "games of razor wit + acid tongue ŗ la court of Louis XVI in ďRidicule.Ē"

This weekís rejections:

- Beverly Hills

- the idiots who feed the pigeons near Canterís and Eat-A-Pita

- margarine of any kind, but especially the type that comes in a plastic tub

- Virasana or Hero pose

This weekís embraces (opposite of rejection?):

- Major Dickasonís Blend from Peetís coffee

- melting all the little scraps of wax from old scented candles and creating a fresh, Frankenstein scent with a brand new wick

- Adrien Brody on my desktop

- Virasana or Hero pose

5:38 p.m. - 2003-04-02



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