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Continuing on the theme of loyalties, I just found out that my favorite MAC shade of lipstick has been reformulated. Itís been converted from Tone to Lustre (their new texture) and I am so disappointed. It took me forever to discover the color and I have been faithful to it for eons. Oh sure, I occasionally mix it up depending on the season, my outfit, my mood... but I always go back. It's a great color, and you can wear it sheer or layer it for added depth + drama. Who doesn't want Added Drama???

Itís occurred to me that I may be freaking out unnecessarily. What if the color is the same and I prefer the new texture? What if the color is somehow improved (donít see how this is even possible) and the texture is a non-issue? What if itís like the 6 Million Dollar Man--faster, stronger, better than ever? What if?

I just hope they havenít fucked up my favorite lipstick. I would hate to part with even a smidgeon of Desire in order to send it to be color-matched by those wiley Custom Color Specialist folks.

Maybe I should run to the store and see if they have old and new versions of the lipstick so I can do a color/texture comparison, and then either buy the new one or clean out the shopís reserves of the old one?

If I didnít have so much work to do, like I would totally run down to the mall! Canít get more Southern California than that. Like, oh my god!

At least, the mallís not the Galleria...

11:38 a.m. - 2003-04-04



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