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Death opened a boutique, it was de rigueur and chic

Isnít Donald Rumsfeld a big whiner? I swear to god, his press conferences are insufferable mostly because of his voice and his tendency to whine when contradicted.

Last night, I went to a surprise show. Surprise only to me because I had planned on staying in and watching The Thin Red Line. Rock and roll was one of the first non-essential things to be eliminated from my diet when I looked my penury in the eye. Harriet had extra tickets to see the Future Bible Heroes so she invited us along. We had cocktails at her house first, then another friend bought a round at the club. Boy, it sure was nice being out and having drinks.

The funny thing is, the show was not crowded and there was a giant lack of indie gay kids. Iíve noticed this about Los Angeles. There arenít a lot of cool, alternative young queer people; I guess they all live in SF.

Here, you see a lot of muscle dudes and a lot of fey fashionistas in cut-close-to-the-body clothing. They all drive BMWs, and eat half sandwiches, request tomatoes on the side instead of fries, and have egg white omelettes.

The gay kids in SF are not like that. Theyíre slaves to an entirely different aesthetic. And they have healthy appetites.

Another surprise: a friend from SF was down today, and he popped in for a visit. We had lunch on 3rd which was a splurge, and we sat outside and ate and drank lemonade. It was really nice. Then we toured 3rd Street, and managed not to spend a dime at Modern Amusement where they were having a 50% and 75% sale. I didnít buy anything, but after we left the shop, I immediately felt like I should have rewarded my mind-blowing self-control with a $14 shirt. Oh well.

More self-control was exercised at the new Sigerson Morrison shop , but this type of spending management makes more sense. A $350 pair of shoes is much more of a BudgetBuster (like a BunkerBuster, only less destructive) than a $14 shirt. But oh. my. god! Every single pair of shoes in that store is fantastic! I donít know how those designers do it, but I wanted every model! I could close my eyes, reach out and grab whatever off the displays and be assured a smashing pair of 60s-with-a-twist slingbacks or flats. Iím not kidding when I say this, but I think that Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison have been in my head, observing my mental notes on imaginary shoes.

The store itself is lovely. Itís got a white terrazzo floor, which sort of snakes up the walls and creates a beautiful texture. I could live in that boutique and be very, very happy.

That excursion pretty much made my day. Not even the indigestion that Iíve been suffering as a result of having eaten french fries AND onion rings has put a damper on my afternoon!

I came home, took some Rolaids, and finished making a banana cream pie. It needs to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours to set the custard. It will be ready just in time for dessert and movie watching this evening.

Can I end this entry with more surprise?

- I saw that guy from Good Morning Miami at the video store the other day. Heís short, but then you all know that celebrities are a lot smaller in real life, right? Anthony Kiedis and Beck, for example, are teeny tiny.

- I know the real reason that the Alias actress broke up with her husband

- I have a sneaky copy of a cd by a band that I really like, and the sad part is that the cd will probably never be released because the label ďdoesnít get itĒ

- I know that Sri Pattabhi Jois thinks Western yogis who condemn coffee are ridiculous

Thatís it for now.

7:01 p.m. - 2003-04-11



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