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Another great show is happening at the Guinguette Pirate, my favorite music venue/pirate boat on the Seine. Tarentel is playing! I love Tarentel! Itís happening this Thursday night, it costs 8 euros and thatís a steal for this great, great band from San Francisco. The music is beautiful and atmospheric.

Go to their site and listen to some samples if you donít believe me.

I had a funny experience at yoga today. When I got to class, there was an empty mat positioned at the front of the room, so when I walked in, I just plopped mine down next to it, at a comfortable, personal space-abiding distance, naturellement. As I warmed up, the mat to my left moved, and I watched the mat get dragged by its owner to the back of the class.

Now: I understand people being fussy about where they stand in class. I used to need to be by a wall. It gave me some sense of security. Thatís why I always got to class early (so I could be assured my spot). I started switching it up after a teacher noticed my habit and suggested I mix things up and try a different place. (It totally worked, by the way. I am no longer a slave to the wall and can courageously practice anywhere in a yoga studio.)

Anyway, this person, this mat-dragger, she was in class before everyone, and deliberately picked out her spot. She had her choice of any area of the room. Why would she move it after Iíd set mine down?

I was at first annoyed. What the fuck is wrong with me? What the fuck is wrong with her? Who the fuck is she?

Well, Iíll tell who she is: sheís the Asian chick from the television show ďEnterprise.Ē She is a beautiful yogi, but I think her soul needs work.

4:04 p.m. - 2003-04-15



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