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Very L.A. Story

Saturday was a nearly perfect weekend day.

I woke up, had toast and coffee, tidied the house and went to yoga. The class was really crowded and I ended up mat-to-mat with a big heavy sweaty dude who had Fred Flinstone's physique. I was able to concentrate and maintain controlled ujjayi breathing while this guy was panting and dripping just inches from me--a new personal victory.

I came home, had lunch, coffee and chocolate chip cookies. Terence and I worked on my website, then we went to a friendís house for dinner. We ate and talked and laughed, and came home and watched a terrible, bad-but-not-in-a-good-way movie, then fell asleep at 1:30 am.

I say ďnearlyĒ perfect because, you know, thereís always room for improvement.

This morning I got up and bought bagels, came home and toasted them while Terence made coffee. I sat down at my computer with my breakfast when the worst thing EVER happened: my computer frrrrrreaked out. John Leguizamo frrrreak style.

I checked the hard drive, and sure enough there was some problem that could not be fixed. So I tried doing a partial reinstall of my operating system, and still, the hard drive problem persisted.

So I bit the bullet, burned bunch of backups, copied things to Terenceís computer, crossed my fingers and then gave my computer a lobotomy.

I spent the entire afternoon, loading and reloading software, downloading updaters and downdaters, and now, at 6:31 pm, I finally feel like things are more or less back to normal. I canít find the software for my graphics tablet which is kind of a drag since I hate using a regular mouse, but thereís always tomorrow for more maintenance. The bottom line is that my G3 is operational and has not yet crashed. Yay!

It wasnít as scary as I thought it would be, the computer enema process. However, it was very stressful and nerve-wracking, and I snapped at Terence way too many times. I tried doing the yogic thing where you observe your feelings and separate the mean, nasty, fear ones from the appreciative, nice, human ones, but it didnít work. I bit his head off more times than Iíd like to admit. Thatís one part of my practice that needs a LOT more focus and attention.

Baby steps.

6:42 p.m. - 2003-04-20



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