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I heart John Doe

Does anyone out there have a crush on John Doe? Not the lame tv show, but the brilliant man from X? I worship him.

I used to vacillate between being in love with him, and being in love with Billy Zoom. Billy Zoom sometimes took the lead because he had great hair, a groovy scooter, and a supercool laid-back playing style that made my knees go weak.

Anyway, John Doe will be performing at my favorite Parisian venue on Saturday night. Lisa Germano is also on the bill, but I'm lukewarm about her. Go to the Guinguette Pirate and pay your respects to the man. He is fucking rad. And so h-o-t, hot!

I spent the entire day in bed. It sucked. I downed the Tussin, took aspirin, drank tea and drifted in and out sleep. I am feeling a little more human now that the fever has gone down, but I am still weak and pathetic.

Poor me.

8:32 p.m. - 2003-05-12



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