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Master of Cre and Master of Chi

The Cremaster Cycle has finally made its way to Los Angeles, and Sunday I saw a matinee of Cremaster 3. The films in the cycle are playing out of order, but I think Cremaster 3 is usually shown first because it took the longest to finish--ten years or so. As I am a completist, I intend to see each of the films in the next three weeks.

I really loved the film. I loved the non-narrative narrativeness of it, the combination of myth and folklore and history, the colors and costumes, the beautiful props and scenery, and I even liked the music (even the uncomfortable high-pitched tooth drilling noise.) I really loved everything about it.

One thingís for certain: itís not for everybody. Some people gasped and squirmed in their seats, and a few people left the theater for a spell. Itís not easy to sit through almost 3 and a half hours of non-stop images, even with a 7 minute intermission. Terence and I split popcorn and a coke, and I had to pee so bad by the end. I just couldnít leave my seat because I didnít want to miss anything.

In other news, Iím back on schedule with the yoga. I am not doing every single vinyasa between asanas, but the strength will return. Yesterday I actually demonstrated something that has always given me the heebie jeebies, and I survived! In fact, I think that doing the deep backbend fixed this funky ache Iíve been having in my lower back (when I woke up this morning, I felt fantastic and pain-free.) I did the backbend, then lowered onto my forearms and clasped my hands behind my head. I raised my head slightly off the ground, pulled my shoulder blades onto my back and stretcheddddd... aaahhhhh, it felt so great.

More news: thank god for this. Iíve never enjoyed the trend and I hope this article signals the end of what has been, for me, a fashion low. RIP indeed!

My friend Harriet said that I need to reorganize the back room of my apartment (where the refrigerator, water heater and miscellaneous junks live.) Sheís really into Feng Shui and helped me create a little shrine in the career corner (which is doing fine) but the money corner (back room) is a mess. So in addition to cleaning the bathroom today, I will attempt to declutter the money corner so that the cash will flow more freely. Canít have the chi all tied up back there! How am I going to travel and return to my jet-set ways if the chi is blocked?

7:57 a.m. - 2003-05-20



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