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It's a bright! (bright!) sunshiny day!

One of my sisters just emailed me. She was listening to the radio and Greg Proops, one of our favorite comedians, said this:

“My idea of god is Catherine Deneuve: older, peremptory and French. You could never get away with anything.”

I positively love it. How many comedians know what peremptory means? Mark his and my words, I am going to use the above as much as I can. I will do that, and continue to buy French wine, see French movies, slather moutarde Maille on my sandwiches. This whole boycott of French products is preposterous.

Onto other things.

I have a new favorite LA band for 2003: The 88.. Last year it was Irving (and I still love them;) this year, it’s The 88. Terence thinks they sound a little bit like Oranger (my favorite SF band of 2000.) They are a little Kinks, a little 60s pop, a lot up my alley.

Is there a piano or organ? Check.

Tambourines and harmonizing lalala’s? Check.

Merseybeat jingle jangle? Check.

They are great. And they all wear suits. Love it.

I finally watched the season/show finale of Buffy, and the season finale of 24. They were both letdowns. For the Buffy business, the good news is that there was very little of Dawn, Worst Character Ever, and that the end of the show signals the end of her weekly appearance on television. Terence suggested I design a t-shirt with Dawn’s face on it that says: “I ruined Buffy” but I wouldn’t want crazed Buffy fans freaking me out.

As for 24, I am over it. It is too ridiculous and easy to spot the twists. When that character reached out for the president’s hand at the end of the episode, Terence screamed, “bioterrorist handshake!” and sure enough, it was. When Jack was looking for the microchip, I said to the tv, “look at the x-rays goddamnit! and sure enough, that’s how the microchip was located. The entire season was like that. There was very little suspense for us, but a whole lot of barking at the television.

Thank god I’ve got books to read and cds to listen to. And, oh yeah, work to do.

As a matter of fact, I was supposed to have a meeting yesterday but cancelled when I realized that I couldn’t take on the project. Too busy, believe it or not.

Not so swamped, however, that I couldn’t take time out to organize and design my trip to New York. We are going in July when the heat and humidity (or heat and stupidity?) will asphyxiate us. Mr Bingo derided our decision, saying, “Oh, I see, Los Angeles isn’t hot enough for you in July? You need to go to New York to get some humidity too?” I am spending my birthday money on a nice little vacation, and I can’t wait. I need to get out here.

12:37 p.m. - 2003-05-23



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