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Dewy fresh... still

My skin still feels satin smooth, and still looks amazing. I wish I could have post-facial face all the time.

When I was affluent, I had one every 6 months. Those were truly my salad days: I had monthly waxing appointments (with visits scheduled ages in advance,) haircuts every 4 months, pedicures whenever I felt like it. I never even gave the cost much thought. I would just find a salon that I liked, or an aesthetician that I liked, and that was that.

Splendora and Daily Candy may think theyíve got the scoop on Who does the best What Where, but Iíve got my own Secret Weapons (mostly in SF--thatís what living there practically your whole life will do for you.) And I only share my Secret Weapons with people I trust. If I blabbed them all over the place, Iíd never be able to get an appointment for myself!

I canít get over how incredible I look and feel. Ok, I sorta knew I would feel this way; it just surprises me every time how a few hours of delicate pamperment can work magic. Anyone who thinks facials are an indulgence needs to have her head (and pores) examined. Itís preventative medicine. European women have known this for years, and they look a hell of a lot better than their American counterparts.

Since Iím on this maintenance kick, Iíve been thinking about a haircut. Again. The problem with the haircut is that I only like styles designed for girls with straight hair and my hair is stupid curly. I would love a mod pageboy, or some variation of a 60s gamine crop, but that probably isnít going to happen. I suppose I could revert to my 1996 look, but I donít like going backwards.

This is boring stuff. Sorry about that.

How about this instead: I am going to get a t-shirt from this gal, and you should too. She is rad, her work is rad, and she sells not only shirts, but also superadorable bags and things. And the prices are just right! Iím getting brown, but you all can pick whatever color you want. Just donít wear it on the same day as me.

4:18 p.m. - 2003-05-28



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