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Yellow cake with chocolate frosting

Time for more enthusiastic promotion of a local artistic talent! If you havenít already done so, please go to this website and BUY, BUY, BUY! My supercute t-shirt is already on its way!

Next on the agenda is this: I am trying to ween myself off of coffee.

I donít want to quit cold turkey, and I donít want to eliminate coffee entirely from my routine. That would be crazytalk. I would just like to reduce the intake a bit. My usual routine is cappuccino in the morning, sometimes a 50/50 after lunch, and another 50/50 at 4 when I canít lift my head off of my desk. Is that excessive? I feel like it may be. Most days, I intersperse tea into the routine (caffeinated, decaf, whateverís in the cupboard) so there are days when I am zooming along, hopped up on all kinds of stimulants.

It feels great, but I think it is excessive.

As an experiment, yesterday I had just the one coffee in the am. I followed that with some green tea (still caffeinated but less so than coffee, and itís an anti-oxidant!) and I had a screaming headache in my eyes for hours. I didnít take aspirin because I was kinda curious about the coffee DTs.

This curiosity about the caffeine withdrawal lasted, oh, about two hours before I freaked out and found a medicinal remedy. Iíve found that the best way to deal with the coffee DTs is to switch to wine at 5 oíclock.

So yeah, Iím semi-quitting coffee, and instead, becoming an alcoholic! Alcoholics have more fun.

The only exciting things of import that Iíve done since the last entry have been:

- finished most of my website. It is devoid of Flashitude because neither TA nor I have mastered that bit of software. (And anyway if I used it, I would use it sparingly.) Thereís a whole section that still needs images, and I hated to put the little ďcoming soonĒ part there, but fuck it, I was antsy to get it uploaded.

- watched ďNo Manís Land.Ē I canít believe I couldnít get off my ass to see it when we were in Paris. Crťtins! Itís a great movie. I canít stop thinking about it.

- went to Forever XXI to find a cheapie top for that wedding Iím attending next week, and there was nothing! Nothing! Am I surprised? Not really. So todayís job is to check Urban Outfitters. Thereís one about 10 minutes away (on foot! Walking in LA! My favorite Missing Persons song!) and thatís this afternoonís field trip, after I check out...

- Starlight Mints! Theyíre playing a free show at Amoeba at 2 today and I canít wait! They opened for Beulah forever ago, and Iíve never forgotten how tremendous they were live. I own their first CD and some singles, and I am superexcited!!! Can you tell???? OMG, go to here RIGHT NOW and listen to some mp3s, and be sure to watch the video for Popsicle. You wonít be disappointed.

- realized how desperately I need a jean/denim skirt. I looked for one last week during an ill-fated shopping excursion to Old Navy (donít ask) and have become obsessed. Then last night, my friend Harriet was wearing brand new one that did not escape my hawk-like predatory senses and I swooped in for the kill with a hardly blasť, ďHey, thatís cute. Is it new?Ē Yes, and it was from the Gap, on sale too. A little online research yielded cute skirts by the likes of Seven, Earl and of course, Marc Jacobs, but I want to spend less than $40. I *need* this skirt before Thursday when I head to SF for Montanaís wedding and visits with friends. I know it will solve all of my current sartorial issues.

- understanding why there are waiting lists for these shoes. Itís crazy, I know: rubber flipflops with a kitten heel. Such a simple concept, and yet, so genius. Iíve seen the shoes in person, people, and they are indeed adorable. At $85 a pop, theyíre the cheapest pair of Sigerson Morrison shoes youíll ever own.

I wish I could have another coffee right now, but I think itís time for tea. Ugh. The good news is that I made a cake last night, so I can have cake with my tea. Yay!

11:21 a.m. - 2003-06-01



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