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Money... I mean my honey every time!

Iíve been awake since 6:30 am.

For most of you out there with real jobs, this is no big deal. Around this house, 6:30 can only mean one thing: stress about money or preparing for a trip.

Luckily, itís the latter.

Tomorrow I am driving to San Francisco for a few days. Thereís a wedding on Friday night, and the rest of the time will be spent visiting sisters and friends. I am trying to be as organized as possible, but because there is so much on my mind, I canít sleep.

I have to finish making cookies (I donít know why I even decided to do this, but now that thereís batter, I have to bake them all. Grrr)

I have to start making scones (for the drive up since weíre leaving at the crack oí dawn, which, fyi, my mother calls the ďcrotch of dawn.Ē This sounded like a good proposition two days ago, but now seems like too much effort. Maybe Martha will inspire me with something tasty...)

Iíd like to go to yoga before I leave. I went yesterday and it was so inspirational. If I can prolong the good feeling that comes from taking class and carry it with me straight into my parentsí house, I may be able to better resist my urge to kill or throttle them. We did one handed handstands, by the way. With a spotter, naturally. I was recounting this to Mr Bingo, and he squealed, ďOk, you know what? Thatís not yoga anymore! Thatís the circus! Were there elephants and monkeys in class?Ē

The jean skirt! Ah yes, the search continues. I tried Urban Outfitters on Sunday, and they had 5 different styles. Which style did I like the most? Well, of course, that would be the MOST EXPENSIVE one, and I didnít bother trying the skirt on because I promised myself I wouldnít spend over $40. I have most of this Friday free before the wedding so if Iím desperate, I will go downtown in SF. Iíve got a $20 gift card @Sephora thatís burning a hole in my pocket, and a dangerous, cat-like curiosity about whatís going on at the Marc Jacobs store.

By the way, I never did find anything new to wear to that blasted wedding.What Iíve got is certainly chic and appropriate; I just wish it were new (more fun for me,) and more dropdead fantastic. Terence scolded me for wanting to be amazingly gorgeous on Friday night.

Terence: You donít want to upstage the bride!

Me: Oh please... (insolent tone) why not?

Terence: Thatís not done!

Me: Just because itís not done, doesnít mean it canít be done!

Terence: Itís her day! Sheís supposed to be the center of attention!

Me: Give me a back-snapping break! Sheís going to be the only one in white, the only one in a ridiculous floor-length gown, the only one in a veil with a tiara, the only one with professional hair and makeup, the only one with an entourage of photographers and videographers. I will hardly steal the limelight!

Terence: Pfft, grrr, etc

I am now going to change the subject. Last week, at the Farmers Market, Terence found 20 bucks on the ground. This week, he found $45! He definitely has a knack for finding cash. In the fifteen years Iíve known him, heís:

1. found $13 on Haight Street, and given $1 to a homeless guy cause 13 is unlucky

2. found $10 blowing in the wind at Candlestick Park

3. found a $20 bill in front of an apartment building in San Jose

4. found $60 poking out of an ATM. The receipt was there and he decided that if the balance amount was low, he would return the money to the bank. The account said something like $11,278.34, so he kept the cash

5. found 500 francs at the Tour de France on the rue de Rivoli

There are probably more instances, but I canít remember them all right now. I think itís partly instinct, partly his eagle-sharp eyesight. He sees flocks of birds flying in the sky and he can tell you whether the birds are geese or ducks or parrots. Itís pretty crazy.

Anyway, I was reminded of that story of Davis Sedarisí, where he walks out of his building one day and finds some money or a 1/4 of cocaine, and he decides that this luck is the way heís going to make a living. His luck, I think, disappears the very next day when all he finds is 3 cents and a comb or something like that, and he realizes that he has to get a job like a regular guy.

I was telling Terence that his talent for spotting cash at Farmers Markets could be very lucrative, given that there are at last two Farmers Markets every day in the LA Basin. A new source of income! Tax free! This would work except for the terrible karma. And we need all the good karma we can get.

7:52 a.m. - 2003-06-04



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