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Steady diet of nothing

The trip to San Francisco was both good and bad.

First the bad: staying at my parentsí house. It was the most horrid, exhausting, upsetting, ego-damaging thing Iíve done in a long time and I swear to God, it will never, ever happen again. Terence and I swore to eachother that we would not go to SF without alternative accommodations in the future. We even shook on it so you know itís serious.

My mother is more and more crackers. Itís obvious her manic depression is not being treated. I think her general practitioner gave her a prescription for Prozac, but what she really needs is a psychotherapist and a Costco-sized bottle of lithium (which is what she sometimes took when I was a kid.)

On the drive home, I started to feel kind of sick, and by the time we walked into our apartment last night, I had a 100 degree fever, the chills, the shakes, ringing in my ears and clamminess all over.

This morning I feel better but Iím having hot and cold flashes. Itís like a bad hangover (without the fun of excessive drinking the day before.)

The good about the trip:

- seeing friends

- buying a new dress for the wedding

- eating burritos not once, but twice

Ah yes, the wedding. It was very pretty (on the top floor of the Fairmont with views of the city on all sides) but the people at our table could not have been more boring. The most animated the dinner conversation ever got was when two guests started talking about being on the Atkins diet and how carbs are bad.

Me: Oh my god, what do you eat for breakfast if you canít have toast?

Them: We eat a lot of hard-boiled eggs. Or sometimes bacon.

Me: But what about bread? What do you do without bread?

Them: Oh, at first it was hard, but now weíre used to it.

Me: So, no toast?

Them (annoyed): No toast.

Then the wife unit started talking about how one day at work, she couldnít take it anymore and she had to break down and have a Diet Coke.

Her: So I just decided, I had to have it, regardless of carbs.

Me: So soda has carbs?

Her: Yeah, Diet Coke has 39 grams of carbohydrates. Like 13% of the USRDA.

Me: How many carbs does a piece of toast have?

We didnít really know anyone besides the bride and groom. We tried to make small talk with folks, but once again we were martians among the earthlings so we drank a ton and danced like fools instead.

Oh, and I ate two slices of wedding cake. It was good cake.

And now back to bed.

4:49 p.m. - 2003-06-11



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