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Going from the dark side towards the light

I donít think I ever mentioned how the Starlight Mints show was. OMFG! Oh my fucking great! Happy and jangly and musical and fanfrackintastic. My only complaint, because there has to be one, is that Amoeba was crowded as hell and I had to stand way off to the side.

I blame Nic Harcourt and Morning Becomes Eclectic (or Shite, as I like to say) for this. That moron only recently started playing Starlight Mints on the radio because they happen to be opening for the Flaming Lips--he would never have played their goddamn record if they hadnít been affiliated with some other band with indie cred. He acts all aloof + insider than thou on the air, like heís got some hot info to impart, and really all he plays is stuff thatís promoted in Rolling Stone. Oh, and he also has a penchant for annoying, plaintive English crap which I canít stand.

Right then. Moving on to another complaint.

While in SF I went downtown to snoop, and naturally made my way to the Marc Jacobs store. My favorite salesperson was not there, but you know who was there? The Worst Salesperson EVER!!! I was looking at the shoes, and this person came up to me and said that all the shoes were 40% off. So I immediately asked, ďDo you have any of the flats in 34 and a half?Ē

To which he snottily replied,

ďThey donít exist.Ē


Instantly peeved, hair on the back of my neck bristling, I said, ďThatís not true. I saw 34 and a halfs in Europe.Ē

To which he replied,

ďWe donít carry those.Ē

Then Terence, sensing my indignation, snarkily said this to the salesperson:

ďOh well, no sale for you.Ē

I was so irritated! I couldnít believe that I was getting such attitude when Iíve spent a small fortune in that store! And I very clearly had a MJ handbag on my shoulder! From the first fucking accessories collection! Hello! That salesperson was a supreme jackass and I donít think Iíll be spending any more money in that store. If I need anything, Iíll just call Bleecker in New York. Even reliving the incident via this diary is making me madder than hell.


I had lunch at Babalu in Santa Monica today, courtesy of a visiting friend. Afterwards, we walked up and down Montana, looking at shops and things. I popped into Kiehlís and got samples of cleanser and leave-in conditioner. That place is the best when youíre broke: you can salivate over all the fun bath + beauty products, then walk away with a bit of product without spending a cent. So thereís a happy thought.

I have class tomorrow. I missed last weekís, and now it feels like itís been a century since I drove to campus to listen to Calvin Kleinís doppelganger lecture me on surface and texture design. Weíre supposed to bring paper samples + scraps, so I have a feeling it will be a sort of craft day. I likes the crafts.

8:20 p.m. - 2003-06-13



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