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Supermodel (You Better Work)

Embarassing confession number 43: my new favorite tv show is America’s Next Top Model. I even made a special trip to the 99 cent store to get a vhs tape so I could tape it last week when I knew I’d be out of the house.

Last night, I actually cried--CRIED!-- when one of the girls was eliminated. I know! So maudlin and dumb of me. But hey, Tyra cried too, so there.

I have been thinking about this today, wondering why this reality show is different for me. I think it’s because the goal of this show is for one of the girls to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a model. I like it because none of the candidates has to woo and then marry a dolt, or plain hookup with another moronic dude--each has to learn skills.

Skills, even if they’re arcane and required only for modeling and pretty much nothing else, are still skills. I realize that modeling is not brain surgery, and that the skills required are not that difficult to master. This does not mean that they aren’t worthwhile to acquire. What else should you do when your genetic code has predetermined your suitability for modeling by giving you height, a thin figure, a superfast metabolism, and a pretty face? I say, if you have all of those things, you should at least try to be a model if you want. Who’s to say that my being a graphic designer was not pre-ordained by my genome? What would I be if I hadn’t learned a specialized set of skills?

Anyway, with the exception of maybe Elyse, all of the girls have wanted to be models for a long time, and they are all trying hard to fulfill all of the different assignments. That doesn’t seem wrong to me.

At the beginning of the show, I was only rooting for Elyse, but now I find myself cheering Adrianne on as well. Even if she doesn’t move her mouth when she talks, she is pretty damn funny, especially when she’s antagonizing the simpering Christians.

Enough about that.

Ten minutes before my yoga class ended this morning, I realized that Gina Gershon’s mat was in front and to the right of mine. I have no idea what her practice is like--I was so in my zone that I was oblivious to the people around me! That was sort of the goal of class, anyway--to practice more inwardly focused--so we did a lot of things very slowly, and some poses with our eyes closed. Challenging.

2:04 p.m. - 2003-06-25



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