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I’ve joined the cult of Friendster.

Of course, now the problem is that Friendster’s lost the illusion of exclusivity. The proof? I can never frickin’ log on! The server is too busy for me--FOR MOI!--and I feel that as an Early Adopter, I should have special privileges.

This is completely ridiculous, I know, but still. You see the reasons for my annoyment. And probably, I am not the Early Adopter I fancy myself to be.

It feels like it’s five thousand degrees outside, but Yahoo weather claims the mercury’s holding steady at 85°. I have mediterranean blood, but even this heat is too much for me. And I go to New York next week! What a weakling I am.

I wish I could overdramatize and say that I will wilt in the heat and humidity like a poor flower, but that is simply not true. Most likely, I will be shiny and sticky, hair afrizz. The proof? My friend who just moved from Pasadena to SF said this in an email, “btw, i was noticing the other day (when we were loading the truck) that you are super good-looking even in the face of extreme heat, labor, and allergy. Congratulations! You are still in the running to become America's Next Top Model!”

Which reminds me, ANTM’s on tv tonight! Something to look forward to besides another shower, dinner and sleep.

5:13 p.m. - 2003-07-01



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