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Monday, monday

Last night I dreamt that I gave Robert Downey Jr a giant hug. I have no idea what that means.

The weekend was hot and hotter. I unpacked, rearranged things, tidied up, ate and slept. The only exciting thing that occured was that the Rockstar took us out to dinner and a movie, and I finally got to see The Man on The Train with Jean Rochefort and Johnnie Hallyday. I quite liked it.

I’ve got a bunch of niggling things to accomplish today and at some point I suppose I should haul my tired ass to yoga since I haven’t practiced in an entire week. There’s also the matter of the Sigerson Morrison sale, but I don’t know if I should even succumb to temptation. I have just enough money for bills and next month’s rent, and I think I should play it safe.

Tonight I’m going to a free screening of “Seabiscuit” at the ArcLight, a superdeluxe, overpriced and overhyped movie theater. Unprofessional review and complaints t/k.

I noticed in New York that people order a slice of cheese pizza by simply stating that they’d like “a slice.” “A slice” just means plain cheese! I was so excited when I made this observation that all slices of cheese pizza were henceforth ordered à la New Yorkaise. We ate a lot of slices in order to be able to try New York on for size.

New York fits like a glove.

I also noticed that a lot of food service folk use “to stay” instead of “for here.” I got into the habit of asking for my coffee “to stay,” then on our last day, a sneaky Californian cafe worker slipped in a “for here” and I got confused.

1:32 p.m. - 2003-07-14



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