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Snack attaque

ďSeabiscuitĒ was better than I expected. Tobey Maguire looks weird with red hair, but heís still adorable. I have to say, the casting was really good.

The highlight of the evening was getting to eat caramel popcorn, getting to sit in the best seats, and getting to jump to the front of the line. Itís nice to have friends with juice.

I am right now in a honey sesame stick addiction phase. Normally there are no snacks in this house, apart from the odd cracker bread, because snacks are the devil. The other day, though, I could not resist the honey sesame sticksí siren song and here I am, sitting at the computer, ears deep in crunchy oiliness. The serving size is 23 sticks. Yeah, like someone is going to be counting! The serving size should be ďaverage man/woman greedy fistful.Ē That would make more sense.

Damn Trader Joe and his snack aisle!

Since itís hotter than the surface of the sun, we are bbqíing again. Thereís rosemary chicken, yams, and a southwesty salad. The salad is my party specialty; whenever Iím invited to an outdoor get-together or some kind of celebratory cookout, I bring the salad as a dip and people go bananas. Itís gotten to the point where Iím automatically asked to bring the salad when the invitation is extended, prettyplease with a cherry on top. Iíve varied the recipe a bit by adding chopped cilantro and omitting the minced garlic, and it tastes even better, I think. Who knew that a can of black beans, a can of white beans, some frozen corn and spices could taste so damned delicious? I will post the recipe if enough of you clamor for it. And itís vegetarian! (for those of you interested only in animals as your friends.)

In other exciting news, my younger sister called today. Sheís going to be in LA the second weekend in August, and I am thinking that rather than have her sleep on an air mattress at my place, we should do a full metal apartment exchange! Iím going to call her and see if sheís game.

The last bit that made my day was writing a couple of invoices and realizing that one is for a job I didnít account for and Iím thinking that that check will cover a new pair of shoes. I really need a present.

7:35 p.m. - 2003-07-15



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