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She comes in colors everywhere! She combs her hair! She's like a rainbow!

Iím participating in a new asthma drug trial. The medicine is already fda-approved, and itís one that Iím familiar with since Iíve been taking it for at least 3 years now. The manufacturer wants to compare the efficacy of the inhaler versus the efficacy of medicine received via nebulizer.

The results are going to be so obvious! The nebulizer will be the more effective way to get the medicine into the lungs. I didnít go to med school and I can figure that one out. I think this study is just a way for the drug manufacturer to remind doctors that their medicine is out there. ďOver here! Over here! Prescribe me! Stop looking at that other medication that has bright and sunny tv commercials!Ē

Along the same lines, Rue-Madame Testing Labs has discovered the following:

- Caudalie lip balm kicks all sorts of ass all over the place. Eventhough the balm broke off and I had to squish it back onto its lipstick base two days into use, it still rocks. I should own stock at this point because I am always telling people to use it.

- The only thing that can hold a candle to the Caudalie, is the Nuxe. That stuff smells and feels amazing. Some folks on the beauty discussion boards find it a little too grainy, but I disagree. And the extrasupergreat bonus? It comes in colors! I was given one in ďfruits rougesĒ (berry) by my dear and lovely Gentry, and I am hooked. I noticed that they sell both the tubes and the pots at Larchmont Beauty which is good news for me, because I know the minute I run out, Iím going to need to replenish immediatement.

- Touche Eclat by YSL. Itís magic. Really! Lots of friends of mine have opted to use the less expensive Revlon Skinlights Illuminating Wand, but it is nowhere near as amazing. I know, Iíve used both. The Revlon stuff thickens in the tube after a few weeks, and gets gloopier and more difficult to blend the longer you hang on to it. Furthermore, the packaging is ugly and worse, leaks. I would not have converted to the Church of Touche Eclat had it not been for Gentry.

The next two items to be subjected to testing are:

- ISO Bouncy Creme

- Natureís Therapy Mega Moisture Nurturing creme

I really shouldnít have splurged on either but my hair is a frizzy mess and Iím Leo Rising (ergo, I canít help it.)

Random news:

- My younger sister is coming for a visit in three weeks

- Mr Bingoís book is being launched with two parties, one in SF, one in NY. I am going to try and accompany him for the NY one.

- I had a free drink at a bar in West LA called The Arsenal. Pretty cool place, except some guy kept trying to make eye contact with me, and it freaked me the hell out. The evening was made special by the fact that I wore my impossibly high Charles Jourdan shoes and I felt very tall (all of probably 5í2!) and very girly.

3:35 p.m. - 2003-07-19



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