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Bobbin' and weavin'

I am going to work today.

I am not going to dilly-dally, read W, fantasize about shopping, or do any more research on Kinerase.

Ive got some texture/surface design homework to finish, actually. A few weeks ago we did an assignment that combined the idea of quilting with contemporary bedding (not the oxymoron you might think!) We were each given a bedding catalog, samples of paper and were asked to design a pattern that could be applied to a set of pillowcases and sheets. What catalog did the teacher-slash-Calvin-Klein-doppelganger give me? Did he give me a Chambers or a West Elm or a Garnet Hill? No, of course not.

He gave me The Company Store!


When he handed the catalog to me, he had an evil smirk that said, I dare you to design for middle America! He even warned me, Dont dress this up in sophistication! Remember your audience. Fie!

I have to take my quilt/bedding collages, scan them and see how many different variations I can achieve for an entire line. For the second assignment, I have to weave items that are not traditionally woven. To give the class an idea of what he meant, the teacher showed us leather strips that hed woven into coasters (virile bachelor chic,) and long cords of kelp that hed woven into a square-ish sculpture (very beautiful.)

Since I like the idea of creating something organic, and I like the idea of going against my tendency to controlcontrolcontrol, I checked the green recycle bin behind my building to see if there were any good cuttings left by the gardener. It smelled soooo bad when I flipped open the lid that I decided to weave together a bunch of random cables (ethernet, phone, electrical, etc) instead.

Here I am already fucking off instead of working! I am so clever that way. But now I must really stop.

12:42 p.m. - 2003-07-23



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