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Skin deeps

When I have plastic surgery (notice that I said ďwhenĒ and not ďifĒ) I am going to France.

Last night I watched 8 Women by FranÁois Ozon. Though I liked its costumes and use of color, I was more affected by how fucking amazing Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert and Fanny Ardant look.

Deneuve is allegedly 60, Ardant 54, and Huppert 48. Iím pretty sure they all drink and smoke, have never gone on the Atkins diet or have exercised their bodies into submission.

And they look h-o-t hot. They look like older, sexy women, but they donít sag and they donít look freaky.

Here in LA, you see a lot of older surgeried women and they look awful: pinched, slitty eyes, mouths permanently agape from supertightly pulled skin. Pile on ridiculous boobs, collagened lips, botoxed foreheads, and skin thatís been laser resurfaced more times than humanly possible, and you can easily see how 5 or 6 of these psycho Phyllis Dillers could kill you for questioning their surgeonsí sanity.

Honestly, when I see these women, I recoil in horror. I get sick to my stomach and feel like barfing. Itís so sad, and gross, and disturbing.

I have no intention of looking like that. My goal is to be more Huppert than Hollywood. I think Iím already off to a good start because I donít drink very much, I donít smoke, and I exercise regularly. I do, however, eat everything a French person eats (meats, vegetables, bread, butter, cheese, etc) so Iíve got the French side covered.

I just hope that when gravity starts bringing me down, Iíve got the cash saved up.

12:11 p.m. - 2003-07-30



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