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Pre-nap jibber jabba

My younger sisterís been in town so I havenít really fired up the computer. But after some sightseeing lite, she and her boyfriend are off to get ready for some wedding theyíre attending tonight and I am free to click away.

I was thinking of just sacking out and spending the evening with a tall glass of ice water and some DVDs, but I was reminded that there are a few art openings tonight, and art openings = free drinks and snacks so Iím not going to stay home. Iím broke and any social life that I have depends on the magic word Ďfree.í

Part of todayís touring involved lunch at Canterís. San Francisco has lots of different kinds of foods, but the city is sadly lacking in jewish delicatessens. This is where LA trumps SF (and mind you, I am fiercely loyal to SF.) The Reubens at Canterís are so yummy: grilled, greasy, salty, chewy and tangy. If I hadnít felt so ill, I would have had one. And the pickles! Canterís has delicious dill pickles. I had a grilled swiss and tomato on rye.

The other part of the tour consisted of a stroll through the La Brea tarpits (with real! bubbling! stinky tar!,) LACMAís sculpture garden and the LACMA garage for some contemporary art. After that, we drove down Wilshire past one of the giant 99 Cents Only stores, up San Vicente to see the Tail Oí The Pup (the hot dog stand shaped like a hot dog) then up to Sunset to see the strip, the tacky people and the billboards.

We did some sightseeing yesterday as well. We went downtown and had tacos at the Grand Central Market. Itís like being in Mexico: crowded, noisy with little kids, and the place smells yummy. We had giant tacos that were delicious, and cost only $1.75 each. We bought tortillas at the tortilleria and almost bought fresh mole from the mole-by-the-pound guy. The Market is right across the street from the Bradbury Building so we stopped in there to marvel at the interior. Everyone took photos.

I am so wiped out right now.

4:31 p.m. - 2003-08-09



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