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It's too darned hot

I went to yoga this morning, and I was dripping sweat within 3 minutes of practicing. It was gross and I forgot a towel so I spent the entire time wiping my face with my pants. Cute.

The fun part about class, though, was that I was partnered with my favorite teacher on the planet! God, I love that man. He is not only an awesome yogi and inspirational teacher, but he is just a darling person. And he spots like a dream. I thought it would be awkward practicing right next to my favorite teacher, but it wasnít. He actually made really funny faces at me when we would switch sides.

Today we did something superfun in class. You set your hands about 18 inches away from the wall, and kick up into handstand with your feet resting on the wall. You ďmelt your heartĒ by squeezing your shoulder blades onto your back, then you lower one leg down in front of you (away from the wall.) Once your leg is parallel to the floor, you start bending your arms into chaturanga (the leg thatís up on the wall slowly begins dragging down. Your chest is lowering, so the leg naturally wants to as well.) Eventually you gracefully end up in a full chaturanga.

Iím sure it would easier to convey if I had a little Quicktime movie or something.


This heat has made me boring. Itís 98 fricking degrees! I donít even know if I have enough uncooked brain left to form interesting sentences. The new optional fields are dedicated to Dusty Springfield, may she rest in peace, crazy cat lady.

5:58 p.m. - 2003-08-14



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