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Play day

The insufferable heat continues.

I make it worse by always wearing black.

After two summers of the sunís oppression, youíd think Iíd have learned to expand my wardrobeís palette into lighter colors, but being poor, I havenít been able to.

As God is my witness, I will have money again! Itís my Tara.

Today Harriet, Terence and I checked out a flea market on Melrose, a zine fiesta in West Hollywood, and an Indian-Irish ice cream place on La Brea. The rosewater ice looked good, but I settled on saffron-pistachio ice cream and it was delicious.

Have I mentioned what a terrible asthma medication study patient Iíve been? Iím sure to get scolded at my next appointment. I am supposed to do a nebulizer treatment in the mornings, and another one in the evenings, and I have been very flaky. I usually manage one session. My peak flow scores have stabilized at a lower number (and with my ridiculous Type A streak, I want to cheat and raise it all the time) but I canít tell if itís because I am only inhaling half of what Iím supposed to, or if the dosages are actually less than what Iím used to. Since itís a blind trial, not even the researcher knows. It takes 35 minutes or more to complete one nebulizer treatment and it is a royal pain in my schedule. Which is why I havenít been doing it regularly. Plus, the air compressor makes a lot of noise, and when I breathe in and out, I sound like Darth Vader. Iím sure the racket is confounding the neighbors. And why do I even care? What is wrong with me?

In the car with Harriet, we sang one of the Rockstarís songs. Itís sure to be a hit. Harriet is sure to be a hit as well. Eventhough she is gainfully employed at a giant successful company, she has found time to create a fun and friendly guide to Los Angeles that is getting more and more attention. The online newsletter has only been in existence 3 months, and subscriptions are growing like weeds! Next week is the big launch party, and that is going to be one swell event. You should all try to make it!

You canít tell, but Iím taking my medicine right now. It tastes terrible, like bitter soap.

7:00 p.m. - 2003-08-16



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