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Compliments and complements

On Friday, this guy told me he couldn’t believe I was a graphic designer; he thought for sure I was a yoga teacher. “You’re so advanced,” he said, then added, “maybe one day you’ll consider becoming a teacher.”

Awww, that was a very nice compliment.

Friday night was the swell-a launch party and that was a huge success. The food was good, the drinks even better, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. The goody bags were also a big hit, but then when are free things not? I got lots of compliments on my logo which was nice, and I even talked to some folks who might want to work with me, so I guess you could say Friday was the Day of Compliments and Potential Work. But we’ll see. I don’t trust these overly effusive L.A. types.

Saturday was the Day of Errands. We went to Lowe’s, Target, then (more fun) stumbled upon an Italian deli in Burbank. We didn’t have any cash so we didn’t buy anything, but the cheeses, sausages, and pastas looked good. Our friend says that place also sells delicious pizza dough, but that it’s not advertised. Can’t wait to go back there.

Sunday, we extended Errand Day and ventured to Orchard Supply and the Home Despot. We’re in the market for some more shelves (we like the industrial kind that are intended for garages) and we’re investigating which brands are out there, and how much they cost. We have one set, and I think I’d like them to match. Terence just drained the last of his 401k and it would be nice to have something concrete as evidence.

On Sunday afternoon, our friend who told us about the pizza dough called up and invited us over for afternoon margaritas. That was a nice way to close the weekend. Sitting on his patio, eating chips, I was reminded that the little moments are just as important as the big deals.

11:48 a.m. - 2003-08-25



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