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Oh Calcutta! Or, after all of this food, Quel cul t'as!

Life of Pi is finished, and I am vacillating between Norwegian Wood and Interpreter of Maladies. I will just read both, and keep my eyes peeled for new and new-to-me fiction. Recommendations?

Yesterday was a crazy day of activity.

In the morning, I went to Diamond Fabric to research some pattern ideas for one of my secret projects. That store is amazing. Not only do they provide scissors so that you can cut little swatches of fabric for yourself, but in the mornings, they have coffee and pastries set out on the main counter for you to enjoy as you shop. How rad is that?

Well, there is one radder thing: it is that if you go there on the right day, and the owner is there, he may just strike up a conversation with you, drag you to his office, and show you the new fabrics theyíre having made in Italy. Itís fascinating, and last time he did that to me, I learned that heíd taken a polaroid of a vintage tray at the Rose Bowl flea market and turned that into the pattern for some cotton. Pretty cool.

I had class from 1:30 to 4pm, then attended a barbecue patio party at some friendsí house right afterwards. It was pretty fun, *and* I managed to leave BEFORE overstaying my welcome (this is one of the habits I am trying to break. I always feel like I stay 15 minutes or an hour too long at parties... Iíve never actually seen anyone yawn at me or look at their watch, but I always have a feeling that the hosts want to clean up or go to bed or whatever. And anyway, I should give everyone time to notice my absence and miss my witty repartee...) My only complaint is that I wish there had been more abundant and cloyingly sweet dessert offerings. I understand that some people are not dessert people, but I have an unabashed sweet tooth. It is my dark master.

After the bbq, Terence and I came home, drank a ton of water to offset the effects of beer and margaritas, then watched The Man from Elysian Fields. What a shittyshitty movie. The only redeeming quality was Mick Jagger doing the English dandy thing.

Today I decided to forego the library in favor of adventure! So I checked out Indian Sweets and Spice in Culver City. I have been forever intrigued by the name; doesnít it conjure a garden of delight, the perfume of cardamom and ginger, and curlicue Indian accents? Well, thatís the effect itís had on me.

There were indeed the accents, and many spices and tins of prepared food, and a counter with yet more food. If Iíd had money, I would have bought something to eat. All of the tables out front were packed with people devouring what looked like delicious nan and things swimming in sauces and I was starving.

Inspired when I got home, I dug up Nigella Lawsonís latest New York times offering (chicken tikka masala or something like that, recipeís not in front of me) and decided to make it for dinner. If I canít afford Indian food, I can at least try to make it on my own.

7:39 p.m. - 2003-09-07



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