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Like, oh my god... totally

So it wasnít a screening for ďLost in Translation.Ē It was merely a party to celebrate its release.

We got there late, as the last of the free drinks was being poured, and the place was mobbed. Eventhough it was super crowded and we never got our free cocktails, it was fun to look at people.

I am constantly amazed at just how well some of the kids are aping 80s fashion, and incredulous at how many women think these sorts of shoes are cute.

Gag me with a spoon!

I think itís funny that I never dressed in the 80s style way when I was ALIVE and KICKING during the 80s. I was inspired by an entirely different era. But I guess that was one of the cool things about the 80s: that you could dress however the hell you wanted, and not feel like a freak because there were others just like you. Or maybe, that was just my high school.

Health update: I have a weird infection or something at the back side of my mouth (left side) and at the tip of my throat (also concentrated on the left side.) I am convinced itís from this new medication. You see, when I take the medication in its regular form (inhaler) I rinse my mouth afterwards. Residue from the medicine can cause canker sores, and a thorough gargle eliminates deadly traces of the medicine. When I was instructed in how to use this new nebulizer (with the same medicine in it) I was never told to rinse my mouth out. And now I think Iíve got a flotilla of sores and rashes in my mouth because of it.

Swallowing hurts like a mother. And the fucking researcher is not picking up the phone! And I know he gets to the office at 6 am! Grrr.

Other: Iím getting a haircute (tee hee, clever typo that Iím leaving in) at 2:45. I cannot wait.

Tomorrow we are being taken out to dinner at Ammo for Terenceís birthday. Iím looking forward to it because the foodís supposed to be yummy, and best of all, they are known for their desserts. Who loves dessert? Me.

I got my eyebrows done yesterday and I am very happy. I was hoping to look just so for Ben and JLoís wedding, but now that itís been called off, Iím going to have to find another event for the struttage of stuffage.

8:33 a.m. - 2003-09-11



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