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The Giants have already clinched their division, but Terence needs to watch the remaining games on tv because he wants the Giants to crush the Dodgers who have a small chance of making it to the playoffs as a wildcard team. Also, Terence wants to ensure that his team gets homefield advantage for the playoffs. And the extra Terence Birthday bonus is that weíre going to Dodger stadium tomorrow to watch the Giants kick some ass! Orange and black, woohoo!

Iím sure Iíve said this before, but Terence getting wrapped up in a baseball game is just about the closest I will ever get to knowing him as an 8 year old kid without a futuristic time capsule.

I havenít talked about my classes, so maybe Iíll do that now.

The Flash class is fine. There are maybe 5 people in it, so we all get a fair amount of attention, but the teacher moves super quickly so Iíve got to stay on my toes. On more than one occasion, Iíve cocked an eyebrow and telepathically whined ďwhaaaaaat?Ē at the teacher. Itís an evening class, and every time 8:30pm rolls around, I am reminded of how much I used to hatehatehate night classes in college. I babyneck. Not my prime alertness hours. I would rather take a morning class at the ungodly hour of 7:30 than a night class twelve hours later. Me no concentrate so good after 6pm. Unfortunately, I donít have Flash loaded on my machine at home, so every week I have to refresh my memory for 20 minutes while everyone else teleports to the multimedia superhighway and designs interactive googlephonic circles around me. Gah.

The other class, texture/surface part B, is good. Itís a new teacher and his manner is completely different from the last guyís, and Iím enjoying how structured everything is. The class is all women, and one insane person (who also happens to be a woman.) Sheís got this raspy, smokerís voice that sounds like itís lounged for hours on a trailer park patio chair nursing a Bud and a shot. Ewww, I bet she smokes Salems or Mores! Anyway, she doesnít listen because she thinks she knows everything, yet itís apparent from the way she conducts herself in class that itís been a long-ass time since she clocked any hours in a school room. Last week, when it became evident that sheíd misunderstood the project directions (why? because she wasnít listening! duh!,) she totally flipped out and started shoving and slamming chairs around, all the while muttering to herself about ďwell, I just wasted 4 days of my time. How am I going to make that up? I canít do the homework again!Ē I avoided making eye contact with her from that point forward. I mean, I already knew to steer clear of her, but that outbreak pretty much sealed the deal.

Today she was doing her usual thing of taking up every available molecule of air and space, and I sort of snapped at her when she started infringing on my work area. Not my finest hour Iím sorry to say, but the minute I had a visual, something chemical happened in my viscera and I. Could. Not. Be. Pleasant. To. Her.

I know it sounds like the yoga hasnít done fuck-all for me, but I swear it has! I am so much more tolerant than before! There remains a lot of work to be done, but I never promised it would happen overnight!

8:31 p.m. - 2003-09-20



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