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The long and short of it

Just a reminder that the major surgery happening this weekend is not happening to me personally but to my Mac. And I will be the doctor. I am opening the box up, replacing RAM and the hard drive. Iíve got pharmaceuticals on-hand in case thereís a code blue, and in this case, I do mean me.

Iíve already been under the knife once. And I anticipate submitting to a reconstructive surgeon again in my lifetime, but not right now. So far, the skin is holding steady under the chin, near the eyes and on the ass. Iíve said it before, and Iíll say it again: when gravity starts bringing me down, I fully intend to haul everything northward.

I had an asthma research appointment this morning at 8, and I have finally become compliant with the study requirements. I am actually at 84% compliance, and I told the coordinator that I was ok with being a solid B student. I only have one more appointment after this, a check-up two weeks after that, and then I get a check for $500 or something. Thatís right: when business has slo-moed to a dead stop and you feel like the test dummy in the car, donít forget that science needs you! It wonít exactly cover the rent, but itís better than the zero million dollars Iíve made this year.

9:54 a.m. - 2003-09-25



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