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I went to yoga at 10:30 to support one of my favorite teachers. Sheís applying for affiliation and one of the senior, certified teachers was observing her class. And she totally rocked it today. We did a bunch of ďheart openers,Ē arm balances, twists... class was a lot of fun, challenging and inspirational too.

I left elated. That sometimes happens. I step outside of the building and forget where Iím going or what Iím supposed to be doing because I am on cloud nine. Occasionally, I leave feeling as high as I used to feel after especially fantastic ballet classes, and the sensation is so overwhelming and incredible, it almost makes me want to cry. But I didnít cry today, thank god. That is just plain embarassing.

Today I also went to my favorite dead-stock shoe store, remix. The owner is a complete kook who tells funny stories about designers and their assistants, and you get an earful of bitchy gossip. I love it. In the past Iíve heard him go on and on and on about what a bitch Donna Karan is, or how right nice Miuccia Prada is. But this afternoon, his rant was about rude customers who just talk a lot of shit. The entire time, he was slapping his hand emphatically with a long, bright green shoe/boot horn, explaining how he spanks people to get them the hell out of his store... so guess who got spanked today? Yep, Terence got a stinger on the left cheek with the green shoehorn, and I got a stinger on the right cheek with a red horn. I laughed all the way back to the car, then it struck me, ďOh my god, was he trying to get rid of us? Cause he didnít like us?Ē How can that be?

I donít think this is possible. The guy is n-u-t-s and I am civil and solicitous beyond belief. Iím pretty sure. Iíve been in that shop many times, and he has always been cordial. He must have been exceedingly cranky.

Anyway, in addition to selling the period footwear, remix is now making replicas of vintage shoes. Theyíve got a line of 1940s wedgies that are pretty cute. Not really my era though. Iíve got my eye, instead, on the 60s flat which are very Marc Jacobs Fall 2001 (one of my very favoritest seasons.) The owner mentioned that theyíre going to be doing one with a t-strap and I am all over that.

On the fashion tip and in the mail, I received a mini-poster from Sigerson Morrison highlighting their impossibly adorable shoes and bags for Fall. It is an injustice that I lack the funds to indulge in new shoes.

Speaking of money, I got a call today from my former studio mate (the Messy Marvin) informing me that he unearthed a check from my French insurance agency, postmarked November of 2001! 40 euros of reimbursed fees for my rental insurance. Crazy. I wonder if itís still liquid?

About last night: I liked ďLove Actually.Ē Itís a formulaic (think Notting Hill, 4 Weddings and a Funeral, same writer I believe) and sappy romantic comedy with good performances and a fair amount of truly funny moments. I donít buy Hugh Grant as PM of England for a minute, but he is damn hilarious in a scene involving ĎJumpí by the Pointer Sisters. I donít care if he does the same mugging, befuddled Englishman routine in film after film. My love for him is unwavering.

Like my love for Japanese curry. Which I am about to eat. The only thing better would be katsu curry, but whoís got time to bread and fry a cutlet?

7:49 p.m. - 2003-09-26



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