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Believe it or not, I have been getting my birth control from cafťs and bars in West Hollywood. Itís kind of like 80s flashback over there. Practically every business has a giant fishbowl filled to overflowing with condoms. Iím so old that I can remember going dancing at the DNA Lounge or DV8 in SF and being handed condoms at the door.

Whatís your--ahem--pleasure? Ribbed? Lubricated? Lubricated AND ribbed? Dry as a--ahem--bone? West Hollywood has everything! And different brands, too. Itís a regular horn oí plenty in homotown.

I usually snatch a handful and stuff it into my handbag, or I make Terence do it. Weíve been saving about $20 a month (when weíre busybusy) on jimmy hats thanks to the largesse of the gay community. Thank you Queer Nation!

Last time we trick or treated at The Parlour on Santa Monica Blvd., we got a little sample of lube. Bonus! The stuffís called Wet Original and it rocks. I donít know much but I do know this: gay men know their lube, and this one kicks Aqualube and KYís ass.

In other less titillating news, a friend came over today and brought all his installer disks. I now have OSX on my G3 and Iím none too pleased about it. I know that the advantages will slowly reveal themselves to me, but right now, I am madder than a hatter at how ugly it is, at how a lot of my programs donít work, at how I canít figure out how to transfer my bookmarks and addresses to the updated browser...

Everything is subject to change, so letís change the subject.

I went to Canterís today and had the special for 55 cents. A bargain at twice the price. The funny thing is, the line for the takeout counter went all the way up Fairfax, while tables inside the deli were practically empty. Are people so cheap that they donít want to part with a few cents for a tip? Twenty percent of 55 cents is still peanuts! Three of us sat down and our sandwiches appeared 2 minutes later. We splurged and got a side-order of pickles for 95 cents. Woohoo, big spenders.

Terence just got back from Canterís with his second sandwich. He forewent (is that right?) the eye patch in favor of a clean t-shirt, a Giants cap and glasses. His ruse worked! Or maybe itís that there was a shift change, and all of the ornery old ladies went home.

11:13 p.m. - 2003-09-29



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