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More crazy:

1. Meeting at 8 this morning ran 2.5 hours, and I left the building with giant presentation boards, dvd collections, printouts, pieces of manuscript, a trivia book and other things. Project is supposed to be done by February 2004, and I have a LOT of work to do.

2. Preliminary layout of one section is due Wednesday. That's this Wednesday!

3. I asked for extra money and got it.

4. If my stuff gets approved Wednesday, I can be paid the very next day (or at least, I can submit an invoice and cross my fingers.)

5. This may lead to more work.

6. Hello, shopping!

7.This weekend we were invited to dinner at some friends', and we brought a bottle of Sofia, the blanc de blancs made by the Coppola winery. Not only is it good, but the label design is so pretty that it's the perfect thing to bring when you don't know what to bring. It's festive and everybody loves the bubbly.

8. Did I mention that I asked for more money and got it? Yay me.

9. The town is deserted because it's Yom Kippur and everyone's either fasting or at temple, or both.

10. Is October the turnaround month?

11:22 a.m. - 2003-10-06



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