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rue-madame's Diaryland Diary



I am a lazy diarylander.

Well, ok, thatís not entirely true. I am a very busy diarylander, and have only a moment to scribble something here.

So in the time-honored tradition of all harried apologists, I submit for your viewing this excerpt from my latest hilarious electronic volley with the witty Mr Bingo.

Mr. Bingo: I just made some trader joe's salmon that has been in the freezer for about a month. It was about as dry as a witch's tit, but hot, in that death valley kind of way. i think my current honey phase with tj, esp. the salmon, is

over. It comes and goes, but this last one lasted for such an extended

period, i thought this was the one! How is Terence after 15 years? Still

surprisingly delicious or dry and tasteless?

Rue-Madame: delicate and moist. But he's the exception! We had some salmon from Trader's as well. It's kind of a crapshoot sometimes. I actually prefer to buy fresh, but since I haven't been paid yet, it's frozen fish for now.

Mr Bingo: I too of course prefer fresh salmon. Safeway had a sale on fresh salmon a few weeks back, which i had to fillet myself (much trickier than one would think, I think I will take that knife technique class at some point soon). Even the pieces that I froze for a week came out yummy and moist. It's all about the sale prices!

By the way, the reason Terence is "delicate and moist" is b/c you cage him

like a poor kobe beef cow! Please stop this cruel practice now and let him

roam the room like a free-range bird. He might get a little tougher but you

will not have to deal with the hormones later on.

Rue-Madame: Oh please. Right now Terence is 100% Free Range as he is in the wilds of Santa Monica.

Mr Bingo: Well, you donít want Terence to have too much of a free range, he will get tough and chewy, and not in a good way. Of course, there are always techniques with a cheap piece of meat.

The End.

4:52 p.m. - 2003-10-13



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