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Putting the 'grrrr' back in 'angrrrry'

I thought I was at peace with this stupid project and the lame client it rode in on, but apparently, I am not.

Before I left town, I sent a cd of files to the client so that she could have someone replace all of the low-res images with high-res ones. She thought it would save time to delegate that part so that I could focus on designing the rest of the sections.

I am not a fan of releasing non-final files to clients, but this seemed like a time-saver so why not? I have more than enough work to keep me busy, and I appreciate that she was looking out for my sanity.

Well OF COURSE she did more than just find-and-replace images. She and her two flunkies moved shit around, changed photo captions, enlarged (and screwed up) the page headers and folios... She messengered me printed out pages of their changes, and I was so horrified when I returned from SF that I nearly called her to tell her to shove the entire 288 pg harcover book up her ass.

Fortunately, I have calmed down a bit since yesterday but I am still annoyed. Why must all new clients be fucking morons? I was hoping this project would turn into additional ones, but now Iím not so sure. Why would I want to subject myself to this torture again?

The pages she sent were flagged with Post-Its outlining which changes to her fucked-with design she wants me to make. Hmmm, Iím supposed to make corrections to the design edits you made in-house? How is that saving me time?

See, I did it again. I got all worked up over this. Ok, Iíll stop.

Why, oh, why canít I be independantly wealthy? Why, oh, why donít I ever buy lottery tickets?

At least I managed to haul my ass to yoga today. Class was great, and renewed my faith in me.

3:55 p.m. - 2003-11-18



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